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My name is Jadwiga (Isia) Śmieszchalska, I’m a musician and tutor of physical and mental preparation for musical practice. 

I specialize in prevention of musicians’ health and solution of problems associated with musical practice.  By employing modern methods of instrumental and vocal training, specialised exercices, therapeutic massage, elements of somatic education and coaching, I’m helping musicians in:

  • prevention of professional affections faster recovery
  • optimization of playing technique at the instrument, respecting the body’s bio-mechanics
  •  physical and mental preparation for competitions, exams and tours.

I graduated of the Poznań Academy of Music (organ interpretation, 2006) and the Institut Européen Médecine des Arts (music, 2012), where I was awarded by diploma with the Jury’s Special Prize, a firt in the Institutes 20 year history. Since 2012  give lectures in Music Physiology at the Fryderyk Chopin Music University in Warsaw,  conferences and workshops for orchestras, teachers, and studens and provide individual tutoring for musicians. Since 2013 I collaborate with polish Center of Education for Teachers of Artistic Schools (CENSA) by supervising training in the field of psycho-physical condition of musicals. With a French-American chiropractor, Mathieu Specner, I created a cabinet of performing arts medicine in Warsaw.

Do you have any questions? Please write, maybe I’ll be able to help you : contact@musicalstate.pl



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